Welcome to m1nt membership application

Welcome to m1nt membership application

Applicant information:

Terms and Conditions:

This application is made on the terms thereof and subject to the Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association, the club rules, policies and codes of conduct. I acknowledge that the company reserves the right to reject any application in whole or in part and the application is irrevocable. I hereby irrevocably apply for membership in accordance with these terms. I hereby confirm that the Company and the Directors are each authorized and instructed to accept and execute any instructions in respect of this application. The Company and the Directors may rely conclusively upon and shall incur no liability in respect of any action taken upon notice, consent, request, instructions or any other instrument believed in good faith to be genuine or to be signed by property authorized person. I consent to details relating to my application being used for investor servicing and internal information related to the enhancement of products. I understand that the company will renew my membership within 30 days of expiry should I not notify them otherwise by writing. I consent to being furnished with investment information from M1NT Global Holdings in future. I acknowledge that my application may be placed on the waiting list for acceptance for a period of time as a result of too many applicants in the sector I belong to. Please complete and sign below as acknowledgement of acceptance and remittance in this application.

*Membership approval will be sent by email. Membership card will be sent by post to home address, please ensure correct spelling of name and address.

Please select the membership you wish to buy and click on the following link to be directed to Paypal and proceed with your payment. Once the payment processed, you will be redirected to M1NT's website.